Microsoft Word

Our niche service is design and layout in Microsoft Word.

Our niche service brings together a rare combination of skills – design and software expertise in Adobe Creative Suite as well as Microsoft Word, and the ability to work with other publishing professionals and apply our extensive knowledge of publishing workflows, corporate style protocols, accessibility requirements and print and web production to the work we do in Microsoft Word.

With our Microsoft Word solutions you will be able to:

  • meet accessibility requirements more readily
  • emulate the layouts used by your organisation’s communications unit
  • enjoy increased productivity during the writing phase
  • circulate better-quality drafts during the writing phase
  • prepare confidential documents entirely within your unit
  • reduce the time between completion of the writing phase and readiness for print
  • export internal bookmarks directly to PDF format
  • easily update web versions if you need to do so frequently
  • publish Word electronic forms, or export Word files as PDF electronic forms
  • achieve greater uniformity in your corporate documents
  • save money.

 Our MS Word services include:

  • setting up documents to meet accessibility requirements (including documents exported from InDesign)
  • converting InDesign templates as closely as possible to equivalent MS Word templates
  • preparing MS Word templates for general office use, to extend corporate visual style into this area and increase productivity
  • using graphics programs to properly convert graphics without degradation or colour shifts, including accurate conversion of corporate colours and tints
  • setting up documents with proper consideration for ease of use, including correct setup of paragraph and character styles, stable placement of graphics, and thorough anticipation of user requirements
  • developing custom templates and visual styles for individual documents, applying a professional design approach to the setup and typography
  • reformatting existing documents to match the corporate or custom visual style
  • providing graphics preparation services to users who are otherwise self-sufficient in MS Word
  • providing assistance with advanced publishing features, such as complex automatic numbering schemes (as used in legal documents) and multiple tables of contents
  • setting up unusual layouts, such as multicolumn newsletters and DL brochures
  • providing assistance with using professional fonts (as used in InDesign templates) within MS Word – not generally advisable but very useful in the appropriate circumstances
  • converting a completed layout in InDesign back to a fully formatted MS Word document, including font and graphic conversions, cleanup of tables, setup of tables of contents and hyperlinks, and meeting accessibility requirements
  • cleaning up corrupt documents and troubleshooting any problems experienced using MS Word features
  • producing multipurpose forms for manual and electronic completion
  • producing form layouts to export to PDF format for manual and electronic completion
  • providing standard print design services to complement MS Word documents, such as production of a separate cover, or ring binder inserts and tab dividers, with advice on colour matching
  • producing print-ready PDFs (including advanced techniques to create bleed and crop marks), and providing assistance with the printing process
  • producing fully featured, bookmarked, accessible PDFs for web publishing.